Job Responsibilities of a Security Guard Officer

Security guard is important for every store, institution, government and building because the crime rate is increasing day by day and a qualified and well-trained person is required to guard the valuable items, assets and individuals. The jobs of a security guard is highly demanding job, therefore different security guard courses are available to train all individuals. If you are interested to join this career, in first step, you have to analyze either you are fit for the job or not. You have to check the job duties and responsibilities to gauge your potential to perform all job duties.

Duties of a Security Guard

The security officers, including watchmen, patrolmen and security guards all have to perform same responsibilities. Their general motive is to provide complete protection to the people and the property of the organization.

The guard has to inspect the property on regular basis to keep a close eye on the criminal and malicious activities, including theft, drug dealing, sabotage, etc. The security guard can be privately hired by the owner of the business for the protection of assets and individuals.

The security guard works as law enforcement personnel, therefore it is important for a candidate to pass certain security guard courses to know about safety regulations and laws to carry weapons. The security guard has to communicate with emergency services to handle fire and personal injury cases.

Desk Work Responsibilities of a Security Guard

The security guard has a great part in the administrative work, because at the end of each shift, the guard has to write complete report of the day and deliver it to the next guard. The report should cover the surveillances, quarrels, interactions with law enforcement personnel and other development.

There are some security guard courses that teach report writing tips, techniques and format to an individuals. The security guard should be able to explain every thing before the prosecutors in case of the court case. The security guard can interview the witness to file the case and to report everything to concerned persons.

Static or Mobile Job

The nature of a security guard job may depend on the nature of organization and the work required by the employer. The security guard may have to stand static on a place to keep an eye on the visitors. The mobile patrol is another job option for the security guard to keep a constant eye on the vehicles, traffic and suspicious activities.