Important Training for Security Guard

The frequent rise in the rate of criminal activities, make it compulsory to hire well-trained security guards for the protection of human lives and valuable assets. Currently, all financial institutions, commercial and residential buildings and business organizations require security guard. The rising demand of security guards creates lots of employment opportunities for the unemployed people, because it is really easy to become a security guard after completing your security guard training and after getting security license. Many states make it compulsory for the individual organizations to hire their own trainers for the training of security guards.

Function of a Security Guard

A security guard should have complete training according to the threats and crime situation of the country. The guard should be able to handle every critical situation without any fear. The Security guard training is designed to teach the use of surveillance system, street security and efficient use of firearms. The security courses are designed differently according to the nature of training, and there are different security courses that include crime reporting, detailed observation and recordkeeping for the help of police officers.

Time Frame of Security Training Programs

The security guards usually required complete 8 hour security courses and 16 hours of on the job training as well as 47 hours of training for the firearm. A security refresher course of 8 hours is also compulsory for the each security guard every year.

Background Check is Important

The security guard is one of the most responsible persons who are responsible to protect the lives and valuable items. The hiring process of a security guard is not so easy, because the candidate has to go through a complete screening process before, during and after the training. If you are interested to attend Security guard training, it will be good to go through fingerprinting and DNA testing to easily get the permit to become a security guard. The mental evaluation is also important for the trainee to submit.

Additional Trainings

Every security guard position has its own requirements, and sometime some additional training is required according to the nature of work. The highest paying security guard jobs require extensive level of training to manage every thing according to the rules and regulations of the state. If you are interested to get the security guard training, you have to check the laws and policies of your state before taking any decision.

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