Important Things You Need to Know About a Security Licence

While applying for a security licence qld you will be asked to give an evidence of your qualification in the form of a security training certificate. If you have successfully completed your security training from a recognized training institute such as the Universal Training Academy, then you would not have a problem in providing the evidence. However, if you don’t have the recognized certificate, then you would have to obtain one in order to attain a security licence qld. If you wish to get some information on how and from where to get certificate security training, then please check out our previous articles on the related topic. Or if you wish to know how to get a security licence in Queensland, then you can find some relevant and informative articles on our blog. This article however is not going to tell you how to attain a licence. It aims to tell you some important things that most people don’t know about a security licence qld. These things are as follows:

1)   Limited validity

All of the security licences in Queensland are valid for a period of three years. After every three years a security licence expires and needs to be renewed if one wants to maintain a security position.  Security licence qld renewal process consists of a series of steps. It basically involves a revalidation training which ensures that the security workers are competent and up to date in knowledge and skill required for their job. The licensing authority usually reminds the licence holder through a renewal notice a few weeks before the licence's expiry date.

2)   Separate security training for different functions

Unlike in other countries where one can practice in various security sectors with just one security licence, in Australia you cannot function like that. A security licence qld makes you eligible to work only in the sector in which you have obtained your training in. You cannot work as a bodyguard if you have got a security licence on the basis of a security officer training, and similarly you cannot work as a dog patrol security officer if you have got a crowd controller security licence. Each security sector requires separate training and a separate award. However, the more security courses you have done in various security sectors, the more multifunctional your security licence becomes. If you want to become eligible to practice in more than one security areas, then you need to get training in the areas of your interest. It is a good decision to get security training in more than one area because this would increase the job opportunities. If you want to get a multifunctional security licence qld then check out our security course packages which include training in various areas.


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