Important Techniques for Crowd Control

Large venues and stadium with largest crowds require a well trained Crowd controller, because the absence of a controller and mismanagement can be reason for lots of accidents. The crowd controllers are hired at different concerts, public speeches and rallies. It is the responsibility of the crowd controller to control everything and keep the environment peaceful. A qualified and well trained controller can use different techniques to control the crowd. The velvet ropes, temporary walls and the bouncers are used to control the crowd effectively. You can make everything more effective and safe. The small changes in the environment can also change the psychology of the crowd. Some crowd control techniques can be harsher to hurt someone, but there are some softer techniques that are useful to control a large group of people and reduce your expense.


Play with Temperature

While handling crowds, it is important to carefully notice the temperature, because the temperature can put a great impact on the social psychology and personality. The high temperatures can welcome unruly and violent behavior to increase the crime rate. It will be good to use climate control systems that can be pricey, but these will help you to bring some positive changes in the behavior of crowds. It will be a long term investment for you.


According to a study, it is experienced that if a crowd is closely monitored, they always behave in a controlled manner. The crowd controller can consider the installation of security cameras or hire bouncers to keep a close eye on the crowded areas. It is not necessary to use the devices, but the surveillance should be present. It is important to get positive results.

Line Design

If you want to manage the crowd in an effective way, it will be good to research about the people to get some information about their mentality. Research queue psychology that will help you to know the reasons and the ways that will make the people to stand in the line for longer periods of time. Lines can be designed in different ways, such as fast moving feeling or entertaining lines. These will help the crowd to wait for long hours in a peaceful manner. You can take the examples of amusement parks, because they spend lots of money to make their lines seems faster as compared to their actual speed.

The small organizations can also use some tricks to improve the in-line experience of their customer. It is a common practice that people will feel happy in one long line, instead of having different options where they try to choose the shortest line for the cash registers. You can consult a queue psychology consultant to know more about lines.   

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