Important Gears for an Unarmed Security Guard

The unarmed security guards are trained to handle different job duties without the use of arms, but they are allowed to use various other gears to make their work easy. The candidates learn about these tools during the Security Training because these equipments are really important to perform the job in an excellent way. It is necessary not only for the life of security guards, but for the general public as well. Following are some important gears that a security officer should have:



You may be surprised to know that it is the most important tool to increase the efficiency of a security guard. Lots of security guards often carry this during their job duty. The flashlight is basically required during the night duty because in the daytime, it is not important to have this equipment. If the security guard is doing his/her duty in a darker location, then the flashlight is really important. The heavy duty and long metal flashlights are important for your duty. It is really easy to use a flashlight without any special training.

Security Officer Baton

It is important equipment for an unarmed security guard because he/she can use it as a weapon for the safety of property and humans. In various states, a particular training is required to properly handle baton before carrying it legally. You may have to complete this training before appearing for the job.


The security officer boots are extremely important because a good pair of boots can make a huge difference between the performance and efficiency of the guards. Selection of a right pair of the shoe keeps the security guard active and prevents any sore legs and back, aching and irritation. There are lots of security guards who need to carry out their duty walking around, and a comfortable pair of boots will make your work easy. A cheap pair may hurt your feet, so be careful to buy comfortable black boots.

A heated Vest

A security officer should have a heated vest to work in the colder climates because it is very difficult to work in cold weather properly. In the warmer climate, you may require to perform your duty in the night where the temperature may drop drastically to increase your uncomfortable feelings. If you want to learn more about it, then become a part of security training. The candidates are often taught the proper use of all these gears during the security training.

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