How many alarming news reports we have seen on the cases of school violence? How many kids we have heard complaining about being bullied at school? How many juveniles we have known who are involved in gangs, drugs, and sexual harassment? How many school workers we are acquainted with who have been abused at school? Unfortunately, we all must have seen, heard, or experienced incidents of school crimes at least once in our lives. According to the Australian Human Rights Commission, child bullying complaints that were launched during the year 2013 were up to 17,000. During the year 2012-2013, seven child suicide cases due to school bullying were reported. A survey by the Australian Bureau of Statistics revealed that bullying is the major problem of young people at schools. Are these facts and statistics not enough to emphasize how important it is that the school environment be protected and guarded?

When it comes to the safety and protection of school, there is only one person who is professional enough for this challenging job, and that is a security guard. Security guards play a vital role in constructing and maintaining a safe and peaceful environment at school. It is very crucial that the environment of the school stays safe for the healthy growth and productive development of the kids. Incidents of school violence can hinder this growth process and have an everlasting impact on their personalities. So it is very important that strict rules and power are used to enforce safety in educational institutes. Security guards can play a major role in averting unpleasant events. Studies and surveys acknowledge the Importance of the security guards in prevention of school crimes. Violence and crimes in schools are less likely to happen where there are security guards monitoring the actions of the people at school. Even low rate crimes, such as swearing, are less likely to occur in the presence of a security guard.

The job of a security guard in school is to patrol the school premises to detect any suspicious activity, monitor and guard the entrance, check every visitor, ensure that the school property is protected, investigate theft or any other crime cases, report any violations to the school authority, prevent violence of any kind, enforce the school laws, and use physical force when needed.

There is no doubt that the position of a security guard at school is highly important and respectable, but it is not an easy job. A security guard can only be able to fulfill his duties if he has gone through a proper training in some institute such as the Universal Training Academy Brisbane. It is very important for the security guard to learn all the skills required by the industry. Keeping in mind the requirements of the growing security industry, our courses at the Universal Academy Brisbane, are carefully designed to equip the security officials with all the necessary skills required by the position.


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