Importance of Security Guards for School

The security guards are equally important for the schools for the safety of teachers, students, visitors and other employees. The guards are hired for the safety of students, teachers and infrastructure of the school. According to the department of education and department of homeland security, it is obligatory to hire a person for the security of your school. In order to train the security personnel, some specific Security Guard Courses are available to train these guards for the security of schools and teachers. The guards are important to reduce the violation incidence between the youths. The school kids may hold knives and guns, and it is the responsibility of security guards to keep an eye of all kids to avoid such incidents.

Benefits of Security Guards

A trained security guard is hired to avoid the dangerous incidents among children. The guards are important to avoid high gang activities in the name of religion and ethnicity that are top concerns among students. In order to handle these situations, it is important to hire security guards to handle these situations.

Qualification of Security Guards

Every school requires a skilled and trained security guard for the safety of students and employees. Each school has its own requirements regarding security guard courses and the skills in the guard. The candidate is analyzed on the basis of his security courses and skills acquired during the training courses. The previous experience is also required to select a candidate. Priority is given to the background check to make sure that the selected person has no criminal background. It is important for the guards to get the security license of the state and this can be done after the completion the training courses. The armed security guards also require an additional license to carry firearms after attending specific training.

Duties of a Guard

The security guard is responsible to deal with different types of threats, including physical intrusion of outsiders, the presence of dangerous material in the building of schools, assistance to the crowd controller during the special events in the school, etc. The guard is responsible to patrol around the building of the school and check the building via cameras, metal detectors, door locks and inspection of the fence of the schoolyard. The person should be able to tackle different incidents, such as fire, attacks and other natural phenomena. The guards are given complete training during security guard courses and certifications.    

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