Importance of First Aid training

Imagine yourself in a situation where you are in a children’s park along with your friend. Suddenly, a little boy falls from the slide and becomes unconscious while bleeding from the head. Everyone including you starts to panic. Fortunately your friend has done a first aid training course so he rushes to help. Unlike the others who are in the state of panic, he immediately takes control of the situation. He calls up emergency services and starts to apply the first aid procedures on the boy to stop the bleeding and to make him conscious again. In a few moments the boy regains his conscious and the bleeding is under control. Your friend comforts the boy and stays with him until the rescue team arrives to take him to the hospital for proper medication. Now who do you think is better in dealing with the situation? You or your friend? Obviously it is your friend who has done a first aid training course.


The above scenario is enough to emphasize the importance of first aid training. Emergency situations, such as the one mentioned above, can happen anytime, anywhere, and to anyone. Your friend can suddenly get a fracture while playing basketball, your mother can get a burn while cooking in the kitchen, your father can get a sudden heart attack while watching TV, and even you can get bitten by a snake! Anything unfortunate can occur to you or to those around you. This is because unfortunate events are prone to happen to all of us. We cannot stop them from occurring, however we can take some preventive measures and adopt some effective techniques to control such situations. This is why first aid training is important. It teaches us the techniques to efficiently deal with disastrous incidents. A person who has no knowledge of first aid often gets stressed and confused during a casualty. In some cases such a person aggravates the situation with his lack of first aid knowledge and lead to some serious consequences.


First Aid training is extremely important in saving lives and preventing further damage. We all live in societies and communities where we interact with people, within the family and outside the family, on daily basis. So we should have a genuine concern for the well being and safety of everyone around us. Whether it is a family member, or a neighbor, or a colleague, or even someone we don’t know, we should always be willing to offer help whenever an unpleasant case occurs. And we can only be helpful to them if we have the knowledge and skills of first aid. With the first aid training we can make a difference in someone's life.


First aid training is not only important for saving the lives of others, it is also essential for the safety of your life as well. It equips you with necessary techniques to cope with accidents, such as poisonous bites, burns, scalds, bleeding, etc. It tells you what to do when you are suffering from an injury or your life is in danger.

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