How to Give First Aid to Babies?

Taking care of a baby is a challenging job, because the baby could not tell you about his/her feelings and troubles. You should understand the needs of all babies and know the basic steps to give first aid to babies. Your child can get sudden injury or become ill, and it is your responsibility to know his/her pain. You should know what is important to do in this situation for the health and safety of your child. The First Aid Training Brisbane will help you to reach on every situation according to the requirements. The first aid training classes prove helpful for you and here are some useful tips that will help you at the time of need:


Treat Allergic Reaction

It is a new experience for a new born baby, as he/she starts to explore the world and different food items. The baby may suffer from some allergic reactions and the instant medical attention is required. You should know about the symptoms of different allergic reactions, for instance, during anaphylaxis, the patient finds it difficult to breath, gets hives and swelling. The First Aid Training Brisbane will help you to know how to treat a specific allergic reaction. You have to arrange all important first aid accessories to treat your baby. It is important to share the condition of the infant with the doctor and get the information about right medication and dosage. The doctor will tell you about the right dosage for the baby.


Fever in the childhood is a normal thing and every baby gets a fever at some point of time. You have to check the fever and if it is above than 103 degrees F. You have to try different measures to reduce it. You can give fever reduction medication to babies and the cool washcloth can also be placed on the forehead of the baby. If the fever is getting higher, do not delay and quickly call your doctor or shift your baby to the emergency room.   

Injury in Babies

The infants can meet with an accident that can be caused of bleeding or bumps on the head or any other parts of the body. To stop bleeding instantly put some pressure on the bleeding point and clean the wound to cover it with a bandage. To treat the bumps, hold the place with the cold compress over. Carefully notice the behavior of the baby and if you find any strange thing, take him/her to the doctor immediately for the evaluation. With the help of first aid training Brisbane, you will be able to handle all injuries.

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