How to Get a Security Licence as an Unarmed Security Guard

An unarmed security guard is a person who is employed to protect people and property without the help of any weapon or a guard dog in places like stores, hospitals, schools, malls, museums, public places, etc. If you consider yourself fit and wish to become an unarmed security guard in Brisbane Australia, then you need to obtain a legal permission from the government in the form of a security licence.


The following article is going to tell you step by step information and instructions on how to get a security licence as an unarmed security guard.

1-      The very first thing to do is to get yourself enrolled in one of the security guard courses of your choice in some recognized security training institute, such as universal training academy. There are many security training academies out there who are offering a variety of unarmed security guard courses. You will need to do a survey and decide which one is the best for you. However, ensure that you choose only a certified unarmed security guard training course.


2-      After you have selected and got an admission in a security guard course, you must complete your training period (which in most cases consists of online classes, face-to-face classes, practical’s, and test).


3-      At the successful completion of the training period you will be awarded a certificate by your training institute as a proof of your eligibility for the duties of a security guard. So you need to take your course seriously and make sure that you be successful in the completion of your training so that you can obtain a certificate.


4-      After the achievement of the certificate in unarmed security guard training, you will consult the licensing department of Queensland either in person or through their website and ask for the security licence application form along with the instructions. You can also download and print it from their website.


5-      You will carefully fill the application form, making sure that you don’t miss out any question or section.


6-      You will attach the additional required documents and material with the security licence application form, such as an ID card copy, photographs, etc.


7-      The office of fare trading will charge their fee and get your criminal history checked.


8-      Lastly, you will submit the security licence application form along with the security licence fees.


9-      Then take some rest till you are granted a security licence as a security guard after which you will be eligible to work as a security guard in Queensland.


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