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So, you have finally decided to take up security as your career choice and are interested in taking an admission in the security courses offered by the Universal Training Academy. It took you quite some time to make this decision. You fulfill the admission criteria and are ready to start just now. But you need some help regarding the enrollment process. Don't worry; we are here to help you get started. It is very easy to start your course right now. But before we guide you through the process, we would like to tell you a little bit about our organization and instructors. Universal Training Academy is a reputable Registered Training Academy providing the top quality online security education in Australia. Most of our trainers and instructors are professionals and extremely qualified to provide you training in security. So you can blindly count on our services. Once you enroll in one of the Universal Training Academy security courses, you will have an access to a lot of useful material. Hence, enrollment is very essential for you to become a trainee at out academy.


The following steps and information will guide you through the enrollment process in the Universal training Academy security courses.


1.      Visit The Homepage

Visit the home page of Universal Training Academy. On the homepage you can see various tabs and one of them is of courses. Once you click the courses tab, a drop list of all the courses will appear and you can click on which ever course you would like to review. Read thoroughly all the information available about each course and then decide which one you want to select for your training. Apart from that, some security courses are available as a package and are mentioned on the main homepage. These packages are designed to train you in more than one area so you can be more qualified and have better job opportunities in the future.


2.      Selection of a Security Course and The Enrolment Form

Once you have made up your mind about which course you would like to take admission in, then you need to click on the course to open all the details and information. On the course page down below there is a tab which says "enroll now". Fortunately, at Universal Training Academy, security courses are available throughout the year and the enroll slot is always open. So when you click the “enroll now” tab, you will be directed to the first page of the online enrolment form. You need to carefully fill the form, providing all the required details and completing each section. Before registering, you will have to accept the terms and conditions of the institute. If the form is filled appropriately with every question answered, then you will be taken to the next step of enrolment which is the payment section. However, if there is some mistake in filling the form, you will be asked to correct it and then click the register button.


3.      Payment section

This is the last step of the enrolment procedure. You need to choose a payment option from the visible list and click it and make the payment of your security course. Once you have done that, you will be registered as a trainee in the security course of your choice.  Congratulation! You will be contacted through email and phone soon after your enrolment. For any problem or query regarding the security courses or the enrolment process, please contact us

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