How to Apply for a Crowd Controller Licence in Queensland?

A Crowd Controller is responsible to maintain peace and order in a public place because he/she is responsible to screen the entry places and control the behavior of people. The person has right to remove the people of bad behaviour. The job is quite challenging, and you need to hold a latest licence for this job. In order to take the licence, you should:

·         Meet the eligibility criteria

·         Complete your training and get a proof of completion in the form of certification

·         Fill out the application form


A crowd controller licence is required to work as controller in the premises of club and hotel. You can also work in the public sector, sports events and shopping centres. In some situation, you can work even without a licence like if you are a mine screening guard, a lifeguard on the beach, usher and working as a government worker.

Eligibility Criteria

To get a licence of crowd controller in the Queensland, your age should be:

·         18 years or more

·         You should be safe to work in the public

·         Successfully pass the required certifications

You may not get the licence if you have convicted of any disqualifying crime in the past 10 years. You should be honest and very clear about the situation because if you will find guilty during an investigation or at any stage, your career will be finished. You need to provide all important information to prove yourself a right person in case of any guiltiness.

Formal Identification

A formal identification is important to provide while filling a form and your documents should be original. You can also submit copies, but make sure to certify them before submission. Following three documents are important to submit for your identification:

·         Birth certificate

·         A proof of citizenship

·         Passport

It will be good to submit one of these documents for identification:

·         Driving licence

·         An identity card

·         A social security card

·         An 18+ card

·         A letter from your employer

·         An official letter or card as required on the application form

Application Fee

You need to pay an application fee while submitting our application. You may need to pay a licence fee written on the form to check your criminal history. The fingerprints are also tested by the police and security providers. You need to pay for the fingerprinting fee. Criminal history check is required to check your suitability for the job. This may take time, but you need to go through it. The total processing time is 4 to 6 weeks, but it may even take longer period in the absence of information. 

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