Hotel Security Procedures

All public places including hotels and motels require adopting proper security procedures and practices. It is important for the security of guests to have your proper security plan and trained security personnel. It is important to check Security License and certification proves of security personnel before hiring them. You have to encourage your guests to show their identification details before stepping in the building. You should give secure feelings to your hotel guests. Best security practices will give a peace of mind to your guests, and they can comfortably plan a night stay at your hotel.


Things to Consider for Hotel Security Procedures

In the absence of adequate security procedures, the hotel may have to face legal liability. Following are some measures that should be taken to provide complete security to the guests of your hotel:

  • Emergency exit plans should be given to the first priority so that the guests can easily exit from the door in case of a fire or any other emergency situation. Design a diagram of the hotel and indicate proper location for all stairs, elevators and fire extinguishers with the help of arrows.
  • Security procedures should be written behind each guest door for their help. Following tips and guidelines should be written for guests:
    • Always use deadbolt or chain after closing the door.
    • It is important to verify the identification of person through the peephole before opening it for any individual.
    • Get confirmation about the person outside your door by calling the front desk.
    • You have to inform guest during check-in process that hotel is not responsible for the loss of any item left in the hotel room. Safety deposit box should be provided to guests so that they can easily protect their valuable items.
    • Always hire security license holder to provide optimum security to your guests. Automated message should not be used to provide important information to guests. There should be direct access to emergency lines to instantly handle any guest who meet with an accident. A phone or placard with emergency number should be placed everywhere.
    • Prepare a list of safety and security procedures and keep it in the directory booklet placed for guests. It will enable guests to know about security measures in case of emergency. Tell your guests to carefully lock and secure the windows to avoid any theft or dangerous activity. Ask your guests to report all suspicious activities immediately.
    • Use modern lock system without any display of room numbers on the keys, and do not announce room numbers of your guests. Every guest room should have modern electronic lock to avoid the use of duplicate key for illegal activities.
    • Carefully renew the Security License for your hotel to avoid any legal obligation.

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