Highlighted Differences between Security Guard and Security Officer

The security guards and security officers both are security professionals responsible to protect the lives of people. They are working with a purpose to perform protection jobs for the people. They both work to enforce the law, protect people and to preserve the public place. The both people require a Security Licence to legally work in your state. The security guard protects only selected set of people and property, while the security officer works to detain people who are breaking laws.

Function of Security Guard and Security Officer

The security guard protects people in a specific location and they receive different assignments from the employer to protect an assigned area. They have to deal with crimes and offenses, including burglar or trespassing.

On the other hand, the security officers protect the citizens from the dangerous situation and enforce lawful activities. The person should keep an eye on the persons who break the law. Their job coverage area is quite wider than security guards, because they may have to deal with motor vehicles, prostitution and traffic violation.

Types of Jobs Available

The all available types of jobs of a security guard and officer required a Security Licence so that the person can perform different activities within the law. The employer hires a security guard to protect a highly visible area and to discourage the damaging activities. The guard is responsible for the protection of the buildings. The person should wear a specific uniform and carry batons on the duty. The security officers are not required to perform these duties.

Training of Security Guard and Officer

The training requirements of a security guard and security officer are quite different, because the security agencies design special regulations to train the security officers. The duration of security guard training may last for 40 hours of the related coursework. The POST (Peace Officer Standards and Training) of 700 hours is also important for the security officers.

The training requirements for the security guards to get Security Licence are quite different. There are some specific certifications for the training of security guard, but the certifications of POST program may be expected from the training courses of security guards.

Job Considerations

The security guards should observe the rules and regulations of the clients or employer to perform the job. The security guard is responsible to check the identification of the building workers, monitor the safety standards and report different hazards.

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