Government Funded Security Courses in Queensland

In Australia, the government is seriously committed to enhance the productivity of Australian people in various sectors through several complementary funding programs. It is very easy to complete courses and earn certificates in different fields of interest with these schemes. You cannot only get necessary knowledge and skills for your desired job with almost no fees, but you can also boost the worth of your job resume with that extra qualification.


There are some security courses in Brisbane and in the whole Queensland which are largely funded by the government. This is a great help by the government to lighten the monetary burden of undertaking the security courses. With such a great opportunity to do security courses in Brisbane with a heavy government funding, what is stopping you from getting yourself enrolled in one of the security courses?

government funded security courses

 Check out the following government funded security courses in Queensland available at the Universal Training Academy.


1.    Certificate 3 Guarantee- Certificate III in Security Operations

Certificate 3 Guarantee programs are subsidized security training programs offered by the Queensland government. The main objective of the certificate 3 Guarantee program is to provide funded security training in Certificate level II and III which would help the students in career progression. This program intends to teach the students some foundation skills required for a certificate level III course. With a certificate III in security operations course you can practice as a security worker in shopping malls, night clubs, building sites, monitoring centers, and more. This course will also equip you with the roles of a security manager and supervisor. This security course is also a pre-requisite for various other security courses, such as bodyguard, crowd controller, security guard, etc.


2. Certificate 3 Guarantee- Certificate II in Security Operations

Certificate II in security operations is also a government funded security course if done through a certificate III guarantee program. A certificate level II in security operations is the first and mandatory level of qualification in the security training. It gives one an entry into the security industry and includes the basic units of competency required for the roles of an unarmed security guard and a crowd controller. 

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