Get Yourself Licensed: 10 Easy Steps

In Queensland, there are many choices for a career available in the field of security. You can become a private bodyguard and hover all day over some important person for his/her safety, or you can be a security guard in a shopping mall keeping an eye on everyone who enters or leaves, or you can work as a security officer in some government organization. Choices are many but there is one condition attached with every choice. That is, you must have a “class 1” security licence qld issued by the Office of Fair trading to operate as a security worker in Queensland. In order to obtain a security licence you first need to fulfill the eligibility requirements, then you need to pass the security training course, and lastly you need to get an approval from Queensland licensing department.


For your convenience we have broken down the whole process of acquiring a security licence qld into ten easy steps. Following are the steps you need to follow in order to get yourself licensed.


Step One

Fulfill the primary requirements for a security licence qld. Which are, you should be above 18 years in age, be an Australian citizen or someone with a PR, and must have a clear criminal record.


Step Two

Successfully pass the required security training program. According to the Office of Fair Trading you must undergo a training program from a recognized security training institute before applying for a security licence qld. You must complete all units of competencies of the training course to become eligible for a licence.


Step Three

Now print class 1 security licence application form from the official website of Office of fair trading.


Step Four

Carefully fill the form, completing each and every section and providing every required detail such as that of any work experience, military history or criminal history.


Step Five

Attach any one identification document out of the three: birth certificate, citizenship certificate, and passport.

Attach one or two official documents out of these three: driver's licence, ID card, employers' letters, social security card, 18 + card.


Step Six

Attach a recent passport style photograph with the application form.


Step Seven

Get your finger prints and criminal history checked from the licensing department. The finger printing cost is 100 $ and criminal history check up cost is 38$.


Step Eight

Submit the security licence qld fees. The licence fee is mentioned on the application form.

If you are applying for a single function licence then the fee is as follows: 

155$ for a restricted licence, 273$ for unrestricted licence (one year), and 541 $ for unrestricted licence (three years)

If you are applying for a multi-function licence, then the following fee apply.

187$ for a restricted licence, 337$ for unrestricted licence (one year), and 680 $ for unrestricted licence (three years)


Step Nine

Make sure that you have attached all documents to the application form. Submit the form in the Office of Fair trading via mail or deliver it by hand.


Step Ten

Wait for 4-6 weeks until your application form is approved by the Office of fair trading. Once it gets approved, you are ready to work as a security guard.

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