General First Aid Tips and Techniques

The first aid is an emergency treatment important for an injured patient before the arrival of a professional doctor. The first aid can be anything to save the life of a person from mouth to mouth resuscitation to the application of ice pack on the swollen places. The first aid is an initial effort to save the life of a person and the First Aid Training Brisbane will help you save the lives of other people. In any emergency situation, the first aid provider should remain calm in order to access every emergency situation so that he/she can take the right decision in the favor of the injured person. Although, complete training is required in order to become a first aid provider, but following are some tips and techniques that may help you to take instant action to save the life of a person:

Know About Emergency Numbers

The first step that everyone should take for the first aid treatment is a call to the emergency health care provider and ask for their help to handle the situation. After calling, you can turn to the victim to treat his/her wounds.

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)

Check the consciousness of the victim, and if the victim is not conscious, remove any obstruction in the airway and give mouth to mouth resuscitation, if necessary. In order to learn cardiopulmonary resuscitation, you can get First Aid Training Brisbane.

Do Not Move the Injured Person

If the person is seriously injured, do not move him/her from his/her position, because any wrong movement can make the injuries worse. Check the breathing status of the injured person and dress visible wounds.

Medication for the Patient

Do not give any medicine without consulting with the physician, because any wrong medication can make the situation out of control. Carefully dress the open wounds to avoid any infection. Always consult trained medical personnel before giving any medication to the victim.

Collect All Possible Details

It will be helpful to collect all possible details about the situation, including name of the victim, address and phone number so that you can provide all important details to medical practitioners. The maximum information about the victim helps medical personnel to provide faster and better treatment.

Wounds and Bleeding

Try to stop bleeding from open wounds as soon as possible to avoid major injuries. You can learn the dressing technique via First Aid Training Brisbane. Use first aid box and clean clothes to put it firmly on wounds. Before and after treatment, sanitize your hands for your protection and to protect the wounds from germs.