First Aid Training for Kids

Accidents, emergencies, injuries can be happened anywhere at any time therefore it is important to know about basic first aid techniques to rescue people of your community. First aid is an assistance that is given to someone suffering with illness, or injury. Every young child should know the basic first aid training to treat cuts and scars occur on parents or anybody else. First Aid Training is important for all to prevent dangerous loss of life. Youngsters will be very excited while learning all basic techniques and always remain ready to help their fellows, parents and other family members in danger.

Types of Injuries

Injuries are divided in different categories such as head injuries, broken bones, burns and bleeding. Different means of training and techniques are being utilized to treat each type of injury.

Training and First Aid Kit

Different First Aid Training programs and certifications are available to train youngsters. Buy a good quality first aid kit for your children and familiarize them with the use of all tools available in the kids. A booklet is included in the first aid training kit with instructions for the use of available tools. Your child should know the proper use of bandages, gauze, tape, thermometer, ice pack, hydrogen peroxide, rubbing alcohol, shears, soap, tweezers, cotton balls, throwaway gloves, calamine ointment, matchbox, ipecac and charcoal. It is important to teach them how and where to keep the first aid kit.

Basic First Aid Training

Provide basic first aid training to your kids such as teach them how and when to call the emergency. What steps should be taken to handle broken bones, head injuries, cuts, burns, chocks, heart attacks and breathing problems. Tell them that broken bones should not be moved and the affected part should be kept warm and quiet. Massive swelling, vomiting or dizziness signs to call emergency. Burns are treated with cold water immediately. Prepare a list of emergency numbers and paste it near phone for the convenience of kids.

Visit to Emergency Personnel

It is important to arrange a visit of children to fireman, police officer, nurse, EMT and Red Cross representatives. It will help children to understand procedures of first aid. They will properly understand the importance of First Aid Training and can play a vital role in emergency situations. You can prepare a checklist of different emergency situation and write important measurements to handle each situation.

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