First Aid Training Courses in Australia

First aid training is important to deal with different unpredicted situations like injury, accidents, heart attack etc. Different first aid training courses are available all over the world to deal with indoor and outdoor situations. These courses are important to reduce injuries and death rate. You can get any first aid training according to the nature of your work, travel or other circumstances. It will help you to save the life of those people who live in your surroundings. Like other parts of the world, Australia also offers special first aid training courses to train their people. Level 2 First Aid training is a famous training course that is also known as Senior First Aid. It is offered by recognized institutions in Australia to give basic to advance level training to learners.


Basic Topics of Level 2 First Aid Course

Level 2 first aid courses cover different topics to deal with emergency situations. It increases your vigilance to assess the specific situation to provide basic “cardiopulmonary resuscitation”. After training, you will be able to treat wounds, bites and stings to save the life of patient.

Advance Topics of the Training

CPR is taught to handle special circumstances but in addition you will learn to deal with poisoning cases, infection control cases and patients of severe allergic reactions. It is a wide ranging course designed to cover complete first aid scenario.

Value of First Aid Course

After getting complete training of first aid, you will be able to assist injured family members, coworkers, members of society and even strangers. First aid courses can decrease the rate of workplace injuries by providing right treatment at right time. First aid training license is usually provided for a specific period of time specifically for three years. After this period, it is important for you to renew your first aid training course to learn new techniques and additions in the course.

Duration of First Aid Course

There are no specific prerequisites for the completion of Level 2 First Aid training but it usually takes 15 hours because of its extensive coverage.

Assessment Process

Written test and personal demonstration both are required for the assessment of skills learned during the class. Different role playing exercises and activities are necessary to perform to practice real life emergencies. You are given different situations from real life to check your reaction and dealing style.

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