First Aid Tips for Festive Season

The festive season is one of the busiest season with more injuries and during this season, it will be hard to find a doctor. In order to save the life of the patient, it is important to learn some first aid techniques. For your guidance, the First Aid Training Brisbane is available to enable you to provide basic first aid training to patients. There are lots of traditions during a festival that may cause health hazards. Following are some first aid techniques that you should know to handle them during the festive season:

Do Not Let the Coin Choke You?

There is a tradition to put a coin in the pudding for the wealth of a person who finds it. In case of failure, the coin can cause choking. In case of choking, check the patient, if he/she is breathing, ask him/her to cough it up to save his/her life. If it does not work, tilt the person forward and give them up to five back blows in between the shoulder blades to dislodge the coin. Blows the back of patient to clear the obstruction. If this technique does not work, you can try abdominal thrusts.

Flaming Pain

Pouring brandy in the pudding with a light on it is another tradition. You may get burned as a result, and to treat the burnt area, keep it under cold and running water for at least ten minutes and then use a cling film to loosely wrap it on the burning place. This will reduce the chances of infection and won’t stick when the cling film will be removed. You will learn the exact technique during first aid training Brisbane. If the child is affected, it will be good to seek medical help.

Taken a Tumble? Remember Your R.I.C.E.

In your excitement to complete the ritual, you may get tripped or tumbled over the Christmas tree. The rituals can increase the 50 percent of the accidents in the home. If someone falls and gets a sprain or strain, follow the R.I.C.E procedure:

R: Rest the injured part

I: Apply an ice pack or cold compress (frozen vegetables come in handy here)

C: Provide comfortable support

E: Elevate the injured part

You will learn all techniques during first aid training Brisbane that may help you to avoid any major injury. Do not forget to provide actual medical treatment to the patient as soon as possible. 

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