Everything you need to know about Security Guard Courses

Security has become vital in the modern world of crimes. For this reason security officers are hired in almost every department of private, public and government sectors for the protection and safety of people, assets, and property. They maintain a safe environment and play an effective role in preventing and deterring illegal and criminal actions. Nevertheless, there is no doubt that security guard can ensure safety and protection to the people but it mainly depends upon the expertise of the guard and how skillful and well trained he is to do his job. This is where his security training counts and what type of security guard courses he has undergone during his training period. The following article is going to tell you all that you need to know about the security guard courses.


Who is a security guard?


Security guard is a highly demanded personnel from the security industry whose job is to safeguard and protect people and their assets from all sorts of danger. They are somehow similar to the watchmen in their responsibilities but they are more powerful and authoritative because they can enforce the owner’s laws, apply lawful force on the criminals in certain circumstances, and can detain violators.


What are the responsibilities of a security guard?


The basic responsibility of a security guard is to guard people and their property against any kind of damage and threats. However, the scope of work of a security guard depends upon his employer who is to decide about his responsibilities and limitations. Since every department now hires security guards, the duties and responsibilities may vary. For instance, a school security guard may have different responsibilities than a personal security guard. Similarly, an airport security guard has different duties to perform then a security officer who works at a shopping mall. Because of such diversity in the duties of security officers at various departments, our academy offers different types of security courses for coaching security officers for different departments of life.


What are security guard courses for?


Security guard courses are designed for those who aspire to become professional security officers in the future. These courses focus on giving them the right training and polishing their potentials so that they can most satisfyingly perform their duties.


What are the requirements for security guard courses?


Requirements for security guard courses differ from country to country. In Brisbane Australia, following are the basic requirements for you to apply for security guard courses.

Age limit: 15 years

Secondary school certificate

Queensland resident with Australian citizenship or Australian PR


Now that you know everything about the security courses we offer at the Universal Training Academy, meet our administration and get yourself enrolled for our security guard courses.

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