Essential Security for Hotel to Keep Guests Secure

Hotels are established to provide a safe accommodation to guests, because the guests always enjoy staying in a comfortable place with on-site security arrangements. Almost all luxury hotels, resorts and casino always require a third party contractor for the security of their guests and staff. Hotels have closed circuit cameras and alarms to monitor the building of the hotel. A special team of personnel is required to monitor the security of the hotel. If you want to become a security personnel, you have to pass the Security Courses to get security license. It will enable you to get the certification for the security jobs.

Requirements of Employment

Every security firm or clients have their own requirements to hire a security guard. You have to check the educational requirements, or a high school diploma to become an unarmed security guard. You have to learn about the registered security institutions and select an appropriate institution for you. The security officer has to get on-the-job training in different subjects, such as public relations, crisis deterrence, first aid training and report writing.


Without a professional license, you can’t become a security guard, because every employer also requires this. To get the license, your age should be 18 years or more and a clean criminal background. It is important to complete the classroom training in different subjects according to the requirements of the security field. Different subjects, like emergency procedures, property rights, first aid training, crime handling and suspected criminals. Criminal background check and drug screening is also important to get the security license.

Job Responsibilities

If you want to become a hotel security officer, it is important for you to know about the job responsibilities. A security officer has to deal with the public on a regular basis. The person should have the communication skills and report writing skills to easily report any problem to the law enforcement officers.

Specialized Assignments

Different upscale hotels have designed casino for their guests, and in this case, they want a gaming surveillance officer and investigators for the security. These persons should possess communication and observation skills to report everything. Good physical body condition and quick reflexes are important. The surveillance and gaming investigators are always required and their demand can be increased up to 12 percent up to 2018. You have to pass special security courses to join this career.   

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