Equipment Required by the Security Officer to Perform Duty

There are different tools that help you to find out security susceptibility and risk. These tools are based on latest technology and have latest programs. You may need to use these tools while working as a security guard and there is some Security Courses Brisbane that can help you to learn the use of these tools. These advanced tools can help you to evaluate any security risk and you can easily make important strategies for the protection of valuable items. Following are some tools that are important to do your duty:

Basic Tools

Some important tools should be carried by a security guard to successfully complete a job. You should carry a large flashlight for the power outage at night, walkie-talkie and mobile phone and handcuffs to detain a suspect. The officer should keep a first aid kit, alarm, whistle and fire extinguisher.


A security officer should wear a uniform like a jacket, hat and badge for identification. He can also wear casual attires to blend in the crowd based on the nature of the job. The person should wear supportive footwear to easily walk and even run to perform the job. He may have to involve in physical searches to find a vehicle to rush to the hospital. A pair of gloves and masks is also important to get protection against harmful materials.

Surveillance Tools

Security surveillance tools are also important for the job. You need audio and video recording devices, binoculars and automobile to perform security jobs. If you are working in a casino or banks, then you should know about closed-circuit TV cameras and monitors. The security officer is responsible for inspecting the property for any suspicious material and activity. They may use metal detector, and various other scanning devices.

Defensive Tools

Security officers may need special equipment to protect a wide area. They need to wear bulletproof vests and have a bulletproof glass for maximum protection. There should be some tools for emergency situations like gas masks and protected gears.

Administrative Tools

Security officers have to observe surroundings and write a report to explain regular actions and observations. They may need computers to create electronic reports. You should have all skills to write physical reports to effectively communicate the whole event to concerned authorities. The security officer should have access to all tools.

If you want to become a security guard, you need to pass security courses Brisbane. These security courses will provide enough details regarding security tools required to use during your job. These will help you to enhance your performance during the job.

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