Eligibility to Get Security Licence

If you want to offer private security services, you have to get complete training and security licence from concerned departments of your state. The security personnel are all time required to provide private security services, but you should have all required skills and qualifications to handle certain situations. You should fulfill following requirements in order to get security licence:

  1. Your age should be at least 18 years in order to apply for the licence.
  2.  Get high school graduation degree or the equivalent diploma of the high school.
  3.   Should have clear criminal record and have not been convicted or guilty in any jurisdiction.
  4.  Should have sound physical and mental health, because the security personnel are responsible to perform different activities to deter crime rate and protect the valuable items as well as life of the employer. The person should be able to provide services in professional manner.
  5.  The applicant should have ability to serve the public and always avoid bad moral acts. The ability to serve the public enables the licence provider to take decision to provide Security Licence to you.


If you want to become a licenced security guard, it is important to fulfill all requirements. If you have any mental and physical problem, then you will not be eligible to become security officer, because the security officer has to perform different dangerous tasks in order to protect the lives of people. Special training courses and programs are designed to provide complete training to the interested candidates.

After completing the training, you will be able to get Security Licence to perform different services in this field. You can offer different types of services in this field, but a special training is always required to get the security licence. If you want to offer any security services, such as the private investigating services can be offered after obtaining a licence. You should get registered with a licenced agency to offer your services.

In order to get the job in the security industry, you may have to pass some physical and practical tests to get qualified for the job. Your skills, qualifications and previous experience matter a lot in this industry. In order to get the security licence, it is important to check the requirements of your state to know either you are eligible for the job or not. After getting the security licence, it is important to join security refresher courses after a specific period of time to update your knowledge and renew your security licence. 


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