Duties of an Unarmed Security Guard

The unarmed security guards are often appointed on the venues where the risk of deadly crimes is low, and the guards are only required to control the access of outsiders. In case of security and other threat problems, the unarmed guards can call the backup available in the form of armed guards and the law enforcement personnel. In most of the areas, the people need to pass a short course to get the security licence QLD. This license is necessary to get an entry in the security industry. The unarmed guard doesn’t carry any weapon, but still they need to pursue an independent training to get the certificate. They need to learn the skill to restrain a person on a temporary basis. The guards need to patrol on foot or use a vehicle based on the available facilities to automate the security system.


Primary Job Responsibility of an Unarmed Guard

The unarmed guards are taken as a gatekeeper to keep an eye on the people who try to enter into the building. The guard needs to check the identification through important documents like vehicle licence, identity cards and other documents. These will help them to have a record of the identification of the person.


It is the main duty of an unarmed security guard to patrol a particular area to look for the abnormal problems and incidents. The guard should keep an eye on the surroundings and deter the criminals and their activities. Basically, the guards are facilitated with an active security system that they can use at the time of need. The unarmed guards can call the armed guards or other people for help in any difficult situation. They get easy access to a panic button to get the help in a difficult situation. The unarmed security guards can get a job in the museums, galleries and other locations.

Accompany Others to Protect Valuable Possessions

The unarmed security guard may get a chance to work with the individuals responsible for the security of valuable possessions. They may get a job to protect items during travel and other activities. The situation may require the presence of a security guard because the risk is low, and the armed guards are not necessary to appoint. The unarmed guards can provide personal security to the people and premises.

There are various surveillance tools like security cameras and other tools to monitor the location. The guard may provide security for the location through cameras and remote monitoring system. This system proves helpful to call for assistance and identification of a particular security threat.

If you are interested in the career of an unarmed security guard, you need to complete professional training provided by the Queensland to get a security licence QLD

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