Duties of a Church Security Guard

In the modern world, nothing is free from threats and the security is needed even in churches. The security is important for all those places where the significant number of people will be organized. It is really unfortunate that religious places are not safe and proper security measures are required for the safety of people. It is important to appoint two or more security guards to safeguard people. In order to train the interested candidates, some Security Guard Courses are available. Only trained and skilled guards are hired by every organization, therefore these courses and training programs are important. You can become a security guard at church after passing important courses, and following are some important duties of a church security guard:


Crime and the Modern World

Inequality between the citizens of a society gives rise to the social tensions that finally lead to rise in the crime rate. The increasing addiction of drug and alcohol can accelerate the situation and dramatically increase the crime rate in the society. In this situation, the most of the public places, including churches require proper security cover.

General Duties of a Church Security Guard

The common duties of a security guard in a church is to provide protection to the facility and employees as well as members of the church from the theft, vandalism, fire and other criminal activities. The guard has to patrol the premises, parking area and building, but sometime a station is provided to the security guard to monitor an area. Special training is provided to guards via security training courses.

Other Duties of a Security Guard

Duties of a security guard may depend on the size and the organizational structure of the church. The security guard has to perform a wide range of duties, including video monitoring, greeting, ushering, screening the people before entering into the building and different other relevant services.


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