Duties and Responsibilities of a Security Guard

Security guards have to perform different duties according to the needs of employers. Their duties and responsibilities are quite similar to the police officers. They are responsible to perform defensive duties by observing and recording the information according to the rules and regulations. Basic objectives of a security guard are to ensure the security of the equipment and valuable property. The person should avoid damage and destruction of the valuable items. They should protect the property in a way to avoid any dangerous activity. In order to perform all difficult tasks, you have to pass the Security Guard CoursesFollowing are some common duties and responsibilities:


Duties at Entrance

It is the responsibility of the security guard to position at the entrance of the building while sitting behind the desk or in standing position. They stand still at the entrance to make sure to avoid the entrance of a stranger in the building. He should check the identity of the person before entering the building. It is the responsibility of the guard to make sure the security of the clients and employees. This procedure helps you to avoid the entry of any stranger in the building.


Bank Guard

A guard of the bank is important to prevent the entry of illegal and legitimate persons in the bank. They enforce the obedience of rules and regulations of the bank. He is responsible to check the clothes and bags of the visitors. If the person comes with the hat and suspicious dress, he should check the person. You have to stand in a visible place to deter the crime rate.



He should round through the property at specific times and inspect certain areas to avoid the entry of any intruders. It is important to avoid damage to the building and equipment. He makes sure to keep the gates, fences and doors always locked after business hours. They should ensure the prevention of any suspicious activity.



Different security guard training programs are available to train the guards to intervene in the disturbance area. He should investigate the suspected matters and arrest the suspects. He should escort needy person in the problematic area.


Equipments and Uniform

Uniform is important to wear for the security guards so that they can easily be recognized by the public. They should wear badges on the uniform and hold the important equipment like Two-way Radio, Flashlight and other equipment’s.     

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