Duties of a Security Guard

The job of a security guard is one of the most important one in the organizations. The main purpose of a security officer is to avoid thieves and other irreverent activities concerned with bad activities. Public stores and shopping malls employ security guards in order to ensure that no crime is taking place in their property and if any incident happens the guard can be blamed. A security guard should be active while working and he should be take care of every place which is under his authority.

In case of a huge area Security cameras should be imposed on the building which would help the guard to monitor the present conditions of the building. The guard should have a security phone, in case if a group of thieves come to the place the guard can easily send a report to the security agencies. A security guards main purpose is to secure the employees property from any public harm.

Generally a security officer is responsible for upholding security, enforcing rules and responding to the security problems. Whenever a security guard is responding to an incident, his duties and responsibilities may vary that whether he is allowed to carry a gun following the rules of the national weaponry licensing for which a guard should be ensured that he is licensed. When guarding a closed facility you may also be required to swipe your card in order to open the door and validate that nobody have entered the room by checking the response from the machine. You may also be required to write a report on the daily bases to tell the authority that everything was safe under your supervision and you take the responsibility for any undesirable act at that time to the place.

The ability to maintain coordination with the public is another main part of being a guard, for example In the case of an evacuation process you should be able to cooperate with the public in order to make the process easy. Depending on the place where you are employed for example on the entrance you should also be able to check that every person is authorized to enter the building and they are not carrying any hazardous material that may cause harm to the building or the candidates in it. A guard must be cool minded so that he can handle all he situations at any time.


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