Different Types of Security Guard Courses

Do all security guards carry weapons? Do all security guards have patrol dogs? Do all security guards know how to use surveillance cameras? The simplest answer to all of these questions is no. If you think that there is only one kind of a security guard who is always carrying a gun and patrolling around some private area, then you need to enhance your knowledge. There are several types of unarmed security guards who are working in different areas, and each kind of them is specially trained to work in that specific area. A security guard of one area cannot work in another's area unless he receives a proper training for that particular area. For instance, a simple residential security guard cannot be a dog patrol security guard unless he gets training for dog patrolling, and a dog patrol security guard cannot be a monitoring security guard unless he gets training for it. With such diversity in the types of unarmed security guards, several security guard courses are designed to train security guards to handle security issues in different areas. Some of them are as follows.


1.    Personal Security Guard Training

Personal security guard training is widely known as bodyguard training. Bodyguards closely protect individuals from threats and criminal activities. They safely escort important people from one place to another, stay alert for suspicious activities, and report any imminent danger to the police.  Hence personal securityguard course aims to teach all these techniques and skills which are required for personal security guarding.


2.    Residential Security Guard Training

 Residential security guarding is different from body guarding. Unlike body guarding, which is about close and personal protection of an individual, residential security guarding involves the safety and protection of residential areas and colonies. A residential securityguard assigned in a particular residential area is responsible for the security of all of its residents.


3.    Corporate Security Guard Training

Corporate security guard courses are designed for those who wish to be employed in areas like hospitals, schools, shopping malls, banks, and other private organizations. The course teaches about the external and internal corporate security. It involves how to safeguard company assets, people, and corporate’s personal information.

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