Difference Between a Bodyguard and a Security Guard

There are different categories of security professionals in the world of security and protection services. Each category differs from the other in terms of its roles, training, and pay scale. However, there is one thing that is common in all of the security professionals and that is a same purpose to protect and safeguard the public and its assets. A bodyguard and a security guard are both security workers that provide protection services to the public but they have their own separate manner, duties, and security training. The following article is going to highlight the major differences between a security guard and a bodyguard.


What Level of Protection They Provide

A security guard performs duties at public place like shopping malls, parking lots, museums, night clubs, train stations, etc where there is relatively a low security risk and less chances of killings. His job is usually to guard and protect locations, protect the people from dangerous situations, and respond to accidents and emergencies until the state police arrives.


On the other hand, a bodyguard performs high level security procedures for the personal protection of one person or more. They are usually hired by VIP personalities such as celebrities, high post officers, etc. They have a more elaborate range of responsibilities and protocols.


Difference in the Security Training

Security guards mainly undergo the basic security training required for protection services. You don’t need to go through intense security training or earn high diplomas in order to become a security guard. You can enter the security industry as a security guard with a simple certificate II in security operations. However, for a promotion and progress in security guarding, you need to further enhance your skills through extra security training.

To become a bodyguard you need to go through high level of security training apart from the basic one, and complete some additional units of Certificate III in security operations


Recruitment differences

In most of the cases a security guard is not recruited on the basis of his past experiences. Past experience is although a plus point when it comes to employment, but it is not the basis on which a security guard is hired or judged. However, for a bodyguard, his past experience in the field really matters a lot for his employment. Most of the employers who are seeking a bodyguard like to hire someone who has considerable experience in the field or has a military or law enforcement background.

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