Crucial Duties of Security Guard

The police officers and other law enforcement agents are often trained to intervene with the crime and violence. They have a reactive approach to crime, and the security guards work on the basis of a preventive approach. The security guard courses are available for the guidance of candidates wants to become a security guard. The security guards are often hired to prevent risks and stop crime. They keep an eye on the danger and report any crime they may encounter. The security guards work to provide maximum security to reduce the chances of crime. They have to perform a number of duties that may vary from place to place. Following are some standard duties that should be performed by a security guard:


Be Clearly Visible

The security guards should make him/her clearly visible because they are supposed to deter crime. With clear visibility, the security guard can deter theft, personal injury, damage and other criminal activities.


The security guard is responsible to watch out for any strange thing. He should have a very keen sense of hearing and smelling so that he can listen to any suspicious voice and smell the cable burning or chemical leaking from a container. The person should detect strange sounds of someone trying to open a door and quickly interpret any situation.

Quick Response During Crisis

A security guard should be able to sense crises and can act fast to control any situation. The person should be aware to catch any suspicious thing and can handle any dangerous situation. Even after successfully dealing with a dangerous situation, the guard should not be careless. He should observe the situation for more problems even after crises.

Get Help

During some dangerous situations, the guard may not be able to handle it. In this case, he may need some help, and instead of wasting time, he/she should call the police. Their delay or late action may be the reason of the loss of lives and aversion of property.

Checking and Monitoring

The security guard is required to maintain particular rules and polices settled by the employer. The individual is required to grant entry to the visitors after checking. He is responsible to check ID cards of employees and visitors before granting entry permission.

Maintain Order Among People

The security guards often work in the large gatherings like parties and political people. They should ensure the safety of human lives and property to prevent breakdown of law and order. The workers should have a friendly approach to help others during duty. The job can be challenging and full of hazards; therefore, you should pass security guard courses to get a work permit for the security industry.  

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