Crowd Control Procedure

Crowd controlling is a main issue in different large events, public festivals and civic demonstrations. It is important to determine different ways to control crowd in advance in order to avoid potential accidents and different other problems. You have to learn different effective techniques and crowd control procedures in order to avoid potential problems. Usually, Crowd Controller is hired by organizations to control crowd in declined manner. Crowd controller should know all important techniques to manage flow of crowd, keep them in order and maintain calmness and harmony among them.


Crowd Control Techniques

Following are some crowd control techniques that can make it easy for you to keep your calm to avoid sudden accidents:

Always Stay Calm

Usually, people gathered at common places like stadium, concerts, festivals etc. to spend some quality time. They do not want any disturbance at all, but sometimes some tempers can cause disturbance. You have to avoid those activities that can fuel anger among people. Do not allow the use of alcohol at public places because drunken individuals can cause major havoc. Hire crowd controller to maintain calmness among crowd to avoid any out of control situation.

Limit Access of People

Do not give free entry permission to all people because it can increase the mass of crowd and lots of uncivilized people can cause disturbance. Mark entry and exit points and limit the access of people to certain places. You can use rope to make no-entry zone for common people. Designate special place for VIPs and hire security to stand around sensitive points. Give clear commands to security personnel about the entry and exit of people. It will be good to hire special persons for the security of private areas like stage, private rooms etc.

Hire Courteous Staff to Handle Situation

You should implement the combination of crowd flow methods and crowd controller security force. The force should be well trained to handle any sudden situation to avoid potential threat. It is important to use some crowd controlling techniques in order to keep people calm. In case of any civil disturbance, your hired force should be able to deploy classic military techniques like “line formation, the wedge, and the echelon”. All techniques are used to disperse or block the crowd, and these types of techniques are specifically perfect for urban areas to split crowd. Your staff should be courteous enough to handle the whole situation in polite way.

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