Crimes that can Cancel your Security Licence in the Queensland

A flourishing career in the security industry requires all important documentation. It needs your hard-work and time to get a security licence to work in the industry. After getting a license, don’t assume that you are free to do whatever you want because there are lots of rules and regulations that you have to follow. If you commit any offence, then it will affect your ability to work in the security industry. You may lose your licence also. Some offences are so serious that you can’t be forgiven for them.  There are some offences that may not disqualify you, but they may have an effect on your licence.


Automatic Disqualification

Be careful about following crimes because you may directly lose your certificate. You are convicted to disqualification is you have committed one of the following offences within the last 10 years:

  • If you commit any crime fall in the schedule 1 of the Criminal Code 1899 like rape, mugging, sexual assault, stealing, murder and dangerous driving, then you may lose your license.
  • If you have any weapon offence that may lead you to imprisonment for 1 year or more like having weapons without a license, dangerous use of weapons and failure to store weapons at a right place.
  • Drug crime that leads you to the custody of almost 1 year or more like having drugs in your possession, supplying drugs and having items that are used with the drugs are categorized as crimes that can automatically disqualify you for the security industry.
  • If you impersonate a police officer and illegally possess the property of police then your license will be cancelled automatically.
  • Terrorism in Australia or your relation to any other terrorist group will lead you to disqualification.

You will be automatically disqualified if you convicted of any offense even outside Queensland. If you apply for the license, your application will be rejected.

Already Have License

If you proved guilty even after having a license, your licence will be automatically cancelled. You can’t appeal against cancellation, and will be penalized for working even after the cancelation of security licence. You will be disqualified for almost 10 years, but you may get a right to justify yourself and prove your innocence to save your license.

Other Crimes and Conduct

It is important to consider other crimes and conducts too because these may not disqualify you automatically, but may restrict you for some time or you may face some restrictions. These crimes and conducts are:

·         Any above-given offence, but 10 years older

·         Any other offense conducted by you other than Queensland

·         Dishonest in the dealings and lack of veracity

·         Harassing charges

·         Any association with criminals and illegal activities

·         Any risk created by you for the public

If you already have a license, then these charges will be considered to take appropriate action. If you have applied for the licence with either of these crimes, then these will also be considered while taking a decision on your request.

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