Crime Prevention with the Security of your Premises

Suitable security measures for the protection of your business and personal property can help you to reduce the crime rate. A private and advanced security is always required for commercial premises because these types of buildings and factories are more vulnerable to threats of vandalism and robbery. An inclusive security plan should detail all important security measures and well-trained staff. The training requirements may vary, such as in the Queensland the Security Licence QLD is required for a person interested to join a security career. If you want to prepare a security plan for your building, it is important for you to identify the security risk. Assess the risk involved in your business to address all important areas in your business plans.


The plan should cover all important security threats to property, IT system, data, and personnel. There are certain types of property vulnerabilities that can damage your business and threaten the lives of your workers, some common threats are:

  • Burglary
  • Wreckage
  • Information communication expertise violations
  • Aggression against staff

These all threats can be the reason of any major accident; therefore, your business security plan should address all these risks. Identify these risks and increase the security of your staff and business. There are some important measures that will help you to protect your assets and human lives.

Security Risk Appraisal for Premises

A security risk appraisal is an important part of the security plan, and it is important to consider following aspects to make a comprehensive plan:

  • Signage, backdrop and structure design
  • Barrier, gates, entrance and transoms
  • Lighting and power
  • Information technology
  • Alarms and inspection equipment
  • Cash management
  • Car parking areas and the number of staffs and the level of security

It is your responsibility to write the ways to manage the security of your building. Analyze the available risks to know security threats your business may face. If your business involves handling of cash on a regular basis, then you should design some cash management strategies. For instance, you can limit the amount of cash in hand, transfer the cash regularly from the registers, keep the keys of cash lockers in a safe place and use advanced and digital lockers to secure your cash.

Importance of a Qualified Security Guard

The security of your business is incomplete without a qualified security guard. If you are looking to hire a security person, then make sure to check his/her background carefully. The state security licence is necessary, such as the security licence QLD is important for the person wanting to become a part of the security industry in the Queensland. A background check will help you to know that your selected person has a clean background and he/she has no association with the criminal groups.

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