Common Myths in the Job of Security Officer

The term “security guard” can bring lots of thoughts in your mind and often people have a picture in their mind that the guard is a person sitting in the booth in front of monitors to examine the building. Sometimes, they may look like police officers, but without arms. People often compare them with police officers, sometimes consider that they have no power and skills to handle the situation. In fact, all these opinions are wrong because the security guards are highly functional and skilled people that work more than just sitting on a chair and watching the monitors. If you want to have a better grasp on the exact meaning of the security guard in the current society and business world, then read the following myths prevailing in the market:


Similar and Boring Job Everyday

People develop a fake concept by watching the role of security guards in the TV shows. They think that the security guard only sits loosely on the table and chair, or in the booth while staring at the monitor. The guards only check people entering into the building, but the truth is completely opposite. The job is quite opposite because the guard has to do a different job on a regular basis. Circumstances can be different on a regular basis because the person has to encounter different situations, and every new day can be more challenging than the past. The job always keeps the security guard on his/her toes.

No Dealing with People

Some people consider that the security guard has no need to deal with the people. For lots of people, the security guards are just sitting around and keep watching things. The truth is that the security guard has to deal with numerous things. The person should have good communication skills, and remain always professional. It is necessary for him to follow the protocols according to the situation.

Job is for a Muscular Person

Some people think that the job is only for a muscular person, but in various cases, the mental sharpness matters a lot as compared to physical health. The person should have a keen eye on the things and analyze the situation to take an instant decision. The job may require the surveillance of the area with advance technology to keep a close eye on the situation. If you want to start a successful career in the industry, you should learn important protocols and use of equipment provided by the employer.

If you want to become a security officer in Australia, get the security licence after the completion of security training.

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