Certificate II in Security Operations: Serving as a Career Promotion

Highly demanded career, security profession is the track acquired by the incumbents having keen interest in it. Anyone who wishes to adopt this career must have command on Certificate II in Security Operations. This certificate itself serves as the training course that in return opens the doors of new designations within the security industry.

The agenda of this certificate includes the learning on performance management, ethics, risk management, incident management, communication skills, first aid, and team work, crowd controller duties, reporting documents, legal research and other numerous state of the art techniques. The course comprises of formal units to be covered in the training. The set of professional topics will make the applicant eligible for further promotions in designation.

Apart from the age limitations, the Certificate II in Security operations demand that the applicant must be free of any disqualifying offence. These offences include the history that supports dishonesty, theft, robbery, drugs trafficking, firearm offence, narcotic cultivation, usage of prohibited weapons and any kind of violence of legal rules. The applicant free of this violence will be accepted for entrance in this course straight away.


Having achieved Certificate II in Security operations, the applicant becomes eligible to apply in the designations having the following responsibilities.

·         Crowd Controller: the duty is to monitor and supervise the wide range of public.

·         Retail Security Guard: he is responsible for conducting basic security operations at public places specifically stores to secure the property from exposing to threat.

·         Security Officer: this post has the flavour of crowd controller and retail security guard. He is responsible for protecting the property as well as the public at the same time.

·         Investigative Assistant: he is of the duty to scrutinize all the events successfully to eliminate security theat. The individuals under supervision are scrutinized and investigated properly by this incumbent to avoid any mishap to occur. Moreover, he is liable to render evidences.

·         Security Screener: this post title is responsible to supervise the broad set of population. It includes public, their assets, any luggage, public buildings, stations and other likely spots to evade harmful situations. Moreover, he is responsible to detect weapons, explosives and other hazardous equipment.

·         Transit Security Assistant: the travelling exposes security threat the most.  During travel, the transit security assistant safeguards the valuables and folks. Further, he inspects and responds to the security risks.

·         Monitoring Security Assistant: for monitoring purpose, he uses IT to provide effectiveness in processes. This involves security alarms, biometric system and other similar IT techniques that can detect the right problem at the right time.


To move ahead in career ladder, Certificate II in Security Operations is held supportive to make the deal successful. This certificate will in return reveal the countless opportunities to be applied in. 

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