Certificate 3 Guarantee: What You Should Know About It

You must have heard people talking about a certificate 3 guarantee program introduced by the Queensland government. There is a lot of publicity going on about it everywhere. Many people have benefitted from it and many are still benefitting from it. Undoubtedly it has helped many students to complete their studies and achieve their career goals. But do you really know how this program works for the security industry? Are you fully aware of the requirements and conditions of this program? Are you eligible to apply for this program? If you want to take full advantage of this program for your security training, then you must be fully aware of how, when and for whom it works. So the following article is going to tell you what a certificate 3 guarantee is all about.


What is a certificate 3 guarantee for security operations?

Certificate 3 guarantee is a reforming program introduced by the Queensland government for the Queenslanders to financially help them pursue their professional training, enhance their skills, and get better employment opportunities. This program allows the students to get a subsidy for training and education. A certificate 3 guarantee for security operations is for those Queenslanders who are seeking a career in the security industry. Through this program they can get a subsidy to complete certain security courses and get better employment chances in the security sector. Under this program both the major entry level security courses (Certificate II and III In security operations) are heavily subsidized for the eligible Queenslanders.


What are the requirements of a certificate 3 guarantee?

There are mainly four requirements for this program.


1) The applicant must be no less than 15 years of age.

2) The applicant must have finished secondary school or is no longer going to school.

3) The applicant must be a Queenslander with either an Australian nationality or a permanent residency. He/she can be a New Zealand citizen residing in Queensland.

4) The applicant must not be a holder or undertaker of a higher qualification level III in security operations.


Which security courses are included in the certificate 3 guarantee in security operations?

Currently a certificate 3 guarantee program in security operations is covering the following security courses:


CPP20212 certificate level II in security operations

CPP30411 certificate level III in security operations


Is a certificate 3 guarantee available at Universal Training Academy?

Yes. Universal Training Academy is a proud accredited security provider of the government funded security courses under the certificate 3 guarantee program.

If you want to avail a certificate 3 guarantee from the Universal Training Academy or if you want to get further information on this program, then please contact us.

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