Certificate 3 Guarantee: A Vast Valued Security Program

Certificate 3 Guarantee is an official and professional program that is introduced and initiated by the government of Queensland. This programs is ahead to let the students attain their goals and objectives. Apart from this, this program assists the security industry in numerous ways. This program executes under certain terms and conditions that allow you to enrol into this course. Hence, in order to take benefit of this course, it is mandatory to keep abreast of knowledge about this course.


What Certificate 3 guarantee is about?

Certificate 3 guarantee is the training program for Queenslanders that assists them financially so that they can pursue their official trainings, improve their expertise and finally get excellent employment in the security industry. The Queensland government has referred this program as the subsidy for education and training. Through this official program, the security personnel will find the opportunity towards better employment by completing certain security courses. Under this program, the major entry level courses including Certificate II and III in security operations are funded for all the eligible Queenslanders.  


Prior Essentials to enrol in Program

To get registration of Certificate 3 guarantee, the four requirements have to be met for sure. First, the applicant must be over 15 years of age. Second, the incumbent must have finished his secondary school. Third, the person must be a Queenslander; however he either has an Australian nationality or having a permanent residency in Queensland. Moreover, the citizen of New Zealand having residency in Queensland is also acceptable. Fourth, the candidate should not have already command on higher qualification level III in security operations.


Courses Under This Program

Certificate 3 guarantee program ensures the availability of these courses:


Certificate Level II in Security Operations

Under the level II, the sub-unit topics include effective communication within Security industry, patrol premises, operations of security equipment, monitoring and supervising, effective working, control access to and exit from premises, workplace safety procedures, respond to security risk situation, security service provider to clients and work as a part of security team.


Certificate Level III in Security Operations

Inside level III, the subjects are inclusive of environmental security maintenance, managing conflict through negotiation, usage of empty hand techniques to control persons and evaluate responses to security risk situations.


Fee Schedule

The fee structure is as follows:

Certificate II inclusive of certificate III in Security Operations will cost you $ 299 for non-concessional incumbents while the fee is $ 249 for concessional students.  


Which Academy to Pursue?

Each topic under this program constitutes separate objective to achieve. This program can be successfully completed from the Universal Training Academy who is providing concessions as well. This course will let you to approach your dream designation in the security industry.

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