Become Licenced Security Officer

The security guard can get employment at different places, including banks, hospitals, stores, offices and residential complexes. The security guard is hire to provide complete security to people and property from fire, theft and vandalism. The guard should get complete trainings to get Security Licence from the state. There is no special education for security guards, but some employers require a person to pass some security training courses from the law enforcement departments. The security guard has to perform different important duties.

Significance of Security Guard Jobs

The security guard is an important person and has to perform different jobs from walking in the aisles of stores to standing at the entry and exit points of the store. The person is responsible to prevent any crime and shoplifting from the customers at the store. The professionals are usually hired at different sports events to prevent the transport of illegal weapons and alcoholic beverages. The security guard works to guardhouses and closely monitors all people to prevent different types of crime.

Function of Security Guard

The security guard has to perform some surveillance activities. In large complexes, offices, museums, the security guard has to operate security cameras. The person should be able to watch multiple television screens to monitor the illegal and suspicious activities. The security guard who get job at nightclubs and bars is responsible to check the identification of customers before entry.

Considerations of Job

The security guard requires Security Licence to work in this field, because they have to transport money and other valuable items from one place to another in an armored truck. The person has to pickup cash and change from the retail store to transfer it to the bank. The activity is really dangerous and full of threats; therefore the person should have complete training to easily handle everything. The armored truck should carry weapons and bulletproof vests.

Important Skills for the Security Guard

The security guard should possess interpersonal skills and can easily deal with large crowds. The security guard should get complete training to get Security Licence to perform the job effectively. The guard should have good writing skills, because they have to file police reports in case of crime. The person should be physical fit enough to perform different duties in standing and walking position.

Salary and Job Outlook

The security guard can earn an average salary of $24,000. The security guard who gets job in the medical buildings can earn $30,000 annually. The number of jobs in the security field is expected to increase 14 to 16 percent till 2018.