Become a Private Security Guard

It is a latest trend to hire private security guard on regular or contract basis for your personal security. Private security is of different types such as guard services, canvassers, body guards and detectives. All security personnel have limited powers just like police officers. These persons need some security, training and license. These are important requirements for these people to have license to work in this field. Different courses just like Security Guard Courses are designed to train interested candidates. Security guard is specifically trained to offer customize services according to the situation and requirements of clients. A private security guard is hired by different organizations to handle dangerous situations.


Functions of Security Officer

A security guard is hired to provide protection against burglary, sabotage and intimidation. The person protects people, property, records, merchandise, money and equipment. Private security guard is important to prohibit unfavorable activity. The person may or may not carry firearm according to the requirements of situation. It is important to pass security guard courses to prove your authenticity.

Jobs of Security Officer

Bodyguard is a single person that is hired to get protection against kidnapping, assassination and assault. It is a person who works in one location for longer period of time. Sometimes, the security officer has to wear uniform according to the requirements of employer.

Services of Security Guard

Security officers work in stationary position to monitor the cameras, alarms and other important security instruments. The person should know the use of latest security instruments. The person should offer the protection for the transportation of valuable items and should inspect vehicle for the explosive material. It is important to check the background of security personnel before hiring anyone.

What to Check While Hiring Security Guard?

Background check is an important category that enables you to verify criminal status of a selected person. You should check the criminal record and fingerprints of the person. Drug screening is also important at the time of hiring to make sure that your selected person is not using illegal substance that may be harmful for your business. If you are hiring a person with firearm, it is important to check his permits and trainings certificates.

Important Considerations

A security officer cannot arrest a criminal but he can detain the criminal until the arrival of police. The security officer should concentrate on the protection of people and property, should focus on the incoming and outgoing persons. Security guard courses are specifically designed for those individuals who want to join this career.

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