Basic Skills to Become a Security Officer

Personal and private security has great demand in all industries therefore the interested candidates have to pass Security courses Brisbane. Security license can prove the authenticity of a person therefore it is required by all potential employers to check the efficiency and authenticity of a specific candidate. A security officer should possess all important skills to handle dangerous situations from occurring. You should fulfill all physical and mental requirements to become a security guard. You should mentally be able to deal with trespass and indiscretions.


Important Skills to Become Security Officer

Communication Skills

Security guard should have good communication skills to clearly explain whole situation. Verbal and written communication skills are important for security guard to deal different situations. The person should be able to handle joint radio communication in professional manner. It is important to tell gatecrashers before leaving property in escalating situation. Security officers have to answer phone calls therefore these should have professional communication skills.

At the end of whole shift, the security officer has to report the activities of whole day therefore report writing skills are also important. The information should be clearly written in the report for the convenience of reader. It is important to report incident completely for the convenience of other security guard. You should be able to communicate effectively with the coworkers and supervisors.

Observation Skills

Security guard should observe whole situation in better way to spot any irregularity around the property such as presence of suspicious person, open windows, right working of closed-circuit TV cameras.

Physical Skills

Security officers have to follow instructions of employer. Sometime, the guard has to stand on a particular point for the whole day, or have to make different rounds around the property. The guards have to stand or walk for the long periods of time. The person cannot be gone away physically from the property without having any replacement. You should have strength to perform physical tasks for the protection of property. You have to perform potential tasks including removal of potentially harmful items and use of firearms. The person should have good eyesight and fine motor skills.

Technical Skills

You should be able to handle all technical devices, computers and daily logs. The person should be able to use photocopier and all required firearms to provide maximum security. It is important to effectively complete firearm trainings before starting your job.

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