Basic Duties of a Security Guard

Security guard also known as a security officer is an important person that is preferably hired by both private and public organizations. A security officer may work without arms or carry arms, according to his training and job specifications. The security guards may have to follow a uniform code or can work in plain clothes to protect the property and valuable items. It is important for a security personnel learn all important skills via Security Guard Courses and other important training courses. A professional license and training certificate is important to prove your worth to work as a security guard. The job description and responsibilities of a security guard may vary from place to place, but some common job duties are as under:

Surveillance of Assigned Location

The security guard is responsible to closely monitor the assigned location by standing in one place, or patrolled through the area. The person should be able to use latest security devices, including security cameras and other surveillance equipments. It is the responsibility of security guard to spot all illegal activities to prevent any problem.

Inspections of Property

The security guard who is appointed at the entrance and exit points should have ability to thoroughly screen people and make sure to limit the transport of unauthorized items and individuals. Some special Security Guard Courses are offered to interested candidates for their training.

Security Guard Enforcement

A security guard is eligible to use different tools, including radios, monitoring devices, security cameras and different detection devices. The person should be able to use all monitoring and defensive devices.

Properly Handle all Emergencies

The person should be able to handle all types of emergencies to provide optimum security for the people of designated area and should be able to contact emergency responders to determine the source of problem to completely eradicate potential threats. The Security Guard Courses are designed to teach the use of all important equipments and the emergency handling process.

Reporting and Intervention

The security officer should be able to handle radio and the wireless phone connectivity to promptly report all problems and suspicious activities to the concerned department. The security officer should be able to control the situation in case of any disturbance and noise. The armed security officer is responsible to remain in touch with law enforcement to clearly report actual situation and some Security Guard Courses are specifically designed for this purpose to give training for the use of important devices.