Answering the Misconceptions

It is one of the most common misconceptions about the security industry that it is only for the specific people, namely, the discharged military officers and the retired police officers. In reality it provides equal opportunities to everyone who is interested in the protection services and fulfills the main eligibility criteria. Being an ex military member or a retired police officer is not a requirement to enter the field. In fact, there is a huge different between military/police services in relation to the personal security services. Even the military and police members too need to undergo security training and are assessed accordingly like the normal security trainees by the security professionals and specialists.

Security Training

Another widely spread misconception about the security training is that it mainly involves fighting techniques, detective methods, and combating the culprits like presented in the movies. This is also not a correct view. The security training is a very sophisticated and properly planned method of teaching that involves imparting education of various aspects of the whole system of security and protection, including the fighting and combating techniques. It includes several skills such as technical skills, writing skills, communications skills, negotiation skills, and many more which are more needed nowadays in security workers. In short, security training is targeted more at developing and improving other skills than just the physical skills.

Perhaps the most interesting misconception about the security training and security personnel is that it is just about lingering around the super stars while wearing black suits and dark shades. This is somewhat a distorted image of security workers propagated by the movies and TV shows. Not all security workers work for the celebrities and security training is not aimed to provide protection services only to the actors and actresses. Security training is intended to provide knowledge and skills to the future security personnel who would provide security services to any client who wants to hire them. The client can be anyone, not just the superstars.

The last misconception which we would like to address is that many people think that security training is very easy and it is for those who are not much qualified in education. It is true somewhat that security training is not that difficult but it is not a piece of cake that everyone can easily swallow. Many trainees flunk in assessment tests and don’t make it to success. Like with any other training, security training also requires some hard work and seriousness from the trainee’s side. The other thing that security training is only for those who are not much qualified in education is also absurd. Even though a high school diploma is the least educational requirement for security training, but that doesn’t mean that the security workers are not more educated than this level. Many security workers continue their studies along with their jobs and earn high degrees in education. 

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