5 Reasons Why You Cannot Get a Security Licence

Internet is loaded with information on security licence Queensland. You must have read enough articles on the procedures, instructions, and requirements of a security licence. How when where and from whom to get a security licence; you probably know it all. So there is no need to talk about what you already know pretty well. Instead, let's elaborate on the things you are not aware of in detail, such as the conditions and reasons which can disqualify you for a security licence. There is very little information available on this topic. And most of it is very basic and to the point. So I thought of delving into this area so you can have a better understanding of all the reasons and conditions when you cannot get a security licence in Queensland.


1)   Age Limit

In Australia and majority of the countries, the minimum age set for a security licence is 18 years. Usually at this age one has passed high school, earned his diploma and is considered to be mature enough to embark on a professional life. So you cannot get a security licence if you are below this age and still studying in high school.


2)   Physically unfit and mentally unstable

The next condition which can deprive you from getting a security licence is your physical and mental health. Even though the security industry doesn't require you to be as healthy as a military soldier, but it does demand a certain level of physical and mental fitness. For security jobs it is very crucial that you have good health and a sound mind to carry out the job responsibilities. A person who is physically and mentally unwell can put the life of all those around him in danger. Hence it is important that you should have physical fitness and mental stability. If you are physically disabled, suffering from a serious permanent disease, or suffering from a critical mental disorder, you cannot get a security licence in Queensland.  


3)   Criminal record

You will be refused a security licence if you have ever been convicted of a crime or offense during the last ten years. These offenses don’t need to be big crimes. It can even be small penalties, such as imprisonment due to overdose of drugs or street riots.


4)   Australisn Citizenship or Residency/Valid Visa

You cannot get a security licence if you are not an Australian citizen or a permanent resident. In case you are neither, you need to have a valid australian visa to stay in australia and also have working rights. This is applicable for Queensland and the law may vary for other states.


5)   Fail in the security training course

Security licence Queensland requires all the applicants to undergo a certificate security training program from a recognized institute. Security licence is granted to only those who have earned the certificate on successful completion of the training. So you will not be granted a licence if you have failed the security training course.  

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