6 Qualities That Make a Good First Aider

First aiders are very important people in the society as they provide immediate care to those who suddenly get hurt or fall ill. These individuals are not necessarily doctors, nurses, or anyone related to the medical field. These are the people who have undergone first aid training and are professionally trained to take care of the patients and the sick people in emergency cases until some medical professional arrives to take care of the situation.

Becoming a good first aider is not just everybody's cup of tea. There are some specific and essential qualities that make up a good first aider. If you are thinking to pursue a first aid training, then check out the following 6 qualities to see if you can make a good first aider or not.


1)      Quick in Action

First aiders are required to face a variety of emergency situations and this call for immediate action and wise thinking.  A good first aider promptly responds to accidents in the right way. Slow thinkers and actors cannot handle such situations well. This is because during the emergencies every second counts, and a slow and irrational response can cost the life of the injured person. This quality should be already present in you before you start first aid training.


2)      Keeping Your Cool

Ideal first aiders don't panic in emergency situation. They are confident, composed, and know how to deal with the situation. After all, they have undergone professional first aid training. There shouldn't be any reason for them to panic.


3)      Excellent Decision Makers

Good first aiders are pretty good decision makers. Within seconds they can assess the situation and the injured party and make decisions accordingly. If there is more than one victim, they prioritize their duties and first attend those patients who need more attention. This quality is an inborn quality but it can also be gained from first aid training.


4)      Skillful

Good first aiders are always skillful. They are not casual helpers. They really have the first aid knowledge and skills and expertly know how to apply it. Proper first aid training can make you skillful by giving you all the required first aid education in the form of demonstrations, lectures, and discussions.


5)      Good Communication Skills

It is hard to talk to someone who just got injured during an accident or who just fell ill. However, it is extremely important that these suffering people be talked to in order to make the right assessment of their situation or to keep them in senses. That is why good communication skill is one of the vital qualities that must be present in a first aider. Good first aiders know how to effectively communicate with the patients. In addition to that, good communication skills also come in handy when conveying the accident reports to the medical specialists when they arrive to take care of the situation. A good first aider can easily recall the entire situation and can convey the essential details. You will get to improve your communication skills in first aid training.


6)      Kind and Comforting

Accidents are usually very unpleasant situations for everyone, especially for the victims. These are the times when everyone seems stressed, sad, and hopeless. During such times a kind and reassuring response can help the victims feel a little better.  A good first aider is very kind and comforting towards the victims. He is never harsh or indifferent. This is perhaps one of the major qualities of a good first aider and this alone can help a lot in calming down the stressful situation.

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