5 Steps to Get a Certification in First Aid Training

The knowledge and skills of performing CPR and first aid are always valuable and can come in handy during accidents no matter how small or life threatening they may be. During past years if one wanted to get a certification in First Aid, he had to attend traditional class room style training. Fortunately today you don’t need to take certified first aid training in traditional classes. It can be easily acquired at home through online first aid courses. There are numerous institutes and organizations that are offering CPR and first aid training online and it is equally as effectual as taking the training in class room setting. If it is convenient for you to take a first aid training course in traditional class room setting, then do so as it is still the best way for this training. Otherwise, if it is not possible for you to attend classes, then you can do the basic first aid training online. However, one thing should be known that the online first aid training courses can only deliver some aspects of the first aid and CPR skills – not all of them.


If you are searching for certified first aid training in Brisbane, then simply follow our instructions below.


1. If you want to attend traditional style first aid training, then contact your local originations such as Police office, fire brigade, etc to know when they will be holding first aid training classes. If you want to take an online first aid training in Brisbane then search over the internet to look for registered academies and organizations, such as the Universal Training Academy Brisbane.


2. Decide which level and certification of first aid training you require. There are levels of online first aid training courses. Some levels include CPR and others don’t. You will get a separate certification for each level. At Universal Training Academy we have two types of first aid training Brisbane courses: Apply First Aid online HLTFA311A and Perform CPR HLTCPR211A. You can choose any one of them or take both.


3. Once you have finalized the first aid training level for yourself, then you need to get yourself enrolled in the course. The enrolment process for first aid training in Brisbane Universal Training Academy is very easy. All you need to do is to go to the course details and click on the tab "enroll now" at the bottom. As soon as you click it, you will be directed to the enrolment form. Fill it up and pay the fee and get started for the training.


4. You will be assessed at the end of your first aid training. It is very important that you pass the assessment in order for a certification. So make sure to study the material provided and be attentive throughout the course.


5. After the successful completion of the course and passing of the assessment, you will be awarded a certificate. You can add this new qualification in your CV and have better chances of jobs.


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