3 Reasons Why You Need To Do A Security Refresher Course

Once you successfully acquire a security license and enter the security industry as a security guard or a crowd controller, don't think that your journey has stopped and you don't need any further security training to retain your position. Following are the 3 main reasons which will force you to take a security refresher course after every three years if you wish to retain your job as a certified worker in the security industry.

1.    Security License Renewal 

The very first reason why you would need to take a security refresher course is a license renewal. In Queensland the maximum validity of a security license is three years. After this time period the security license expires. You can only continue working in the industry if you possess a valid security license. Hence, if you wish to stay in the security field then you must get your security license renewed before its expiry date. And you cannot get your security license renewed unless you have undergone security refresher training. Therefore, you must take a security refresher course for your license renewal.


2.    Skills Update

In the field of security you would encounter extremely challenging and novel situations. Some of which you would easily tackle on the basis of your prior security training. But some of them would be new to you and your previous learning cannot provide you with all the answers. Here is when you are in a dire need of a security refresher course. A refresher course can revise your previously gained knowledge and enhance your skills by making them up to date with the latest developments in the security field. Once you go through a security refresher course you would be in a better position to understand and deal with the latest security issues.


3.      Mandated By The Government

The last reason why you need to take a security refresher course after every three years is because the government of Australia has mandated upon the security personnel to go through revalidatton training after every three years. If you don't take a security refresher course, your security license would become invalid and you would be consider ineligible to work in the security field.

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