CPSS(Complete Protection Security Services)


CPSS(Complete Protection Security Services)

CPSS (Complete Protection Security Services) is a security service provision arm of nationally recognized Registered Training Organization, Universal Training Academy. UTA is a market leader in providing security-guarding qualifications since 2008. Through our training arm our security personnel get initial security qualification and achieve ongoing competency required to excel and adapt to every situation. Our trainers are professional guards, who have years of industry experience under their belts and are equipped to train and supervise both in and outside the class.

Our unique blend of training and manpower service sets us apart from many of our competitors, who have very little to no understanding of the skills and competencies set by the property services industry skills council.

Our Services

We provide full range of security services across all market segments. Our security personnel have skills and competencies to address broad range of duties from general guarding to highly specialized security roles

Static Guarding

CPSS Static guards personally guards, patrols or watches the property with a visible presence. Working individually or as part of a team, our static guards are trained to identify potential breaches of security or threats to personal or property. Understanding of WH&S policies and procedures is also a very important part of their role, which includes proper reporting and documentations.

Shopping Centre Guards

CPSS shopping Centre guards are specifically train to work in an environment, which requires many skills including communication, customer services, security risk assessment, WH&S policies and procedures, reporting and loss prevention. Every guard is familiarized to their working environment and is trained in efficient patrolling to cover all areas, efficiently and effectively.

Concierge Services

CPSS concierges provide your residents the security they need as well as the additional services that adds value to your condominium, apartment building or other residence. From greeting tenants and guests to securing the premises , our concierges provide a complete peace of mind in a high foot traffic environment.

Loss prevention

CPSS Loss prevention officers are trained in understanding the retail environment and blending in to identify and report theft. All our LPOs are trained in wide range of policies and procedures, however they also understand differences in each retail environment and have skills to adapt to these without losing their effectiveness.

Event Security

CPSS event management team is trained to become an integral part of event planning and execution. They have a clear understanding of event management strategies and also understand licensing conditions and WH&s implications of holding a large event.

K9 Security

CPSS man and a dog team are more effective in certain environment compared to a static guard. All the dogs are owned by the guards and are trained by professionals in conducting security duties. The guards go through their ongoing training with their dog to improve coordination between the two and reinforce compliance in the dogs.