CPP30411 - Certificate III in Security Operations AWDI

State : Queensland

Fees : $ 1300

Unit of Studies

CPP20212 - Certificate II in Security Operations

CPPSEC2011A - Control access to and exit from premises
CPPSEC2012A - Monitor & Control individual & Crowd Behaviour
CPPSEC2014A - Operate basic security equipment
CPPSEC2015A - Patrol Premises

CPP30411 - Certificate III in Security Operations

CPPSEC3002A - Manage conflict through negotiation
CPPSEC3003A - Determine response to security risk situations
CPPSEC3007A - Maintain security of environment
CPPSEC3013A - Control Persons Using Empty Hand Techniques
BSBFLM303C - Contribute to Effective Workplace Relationships
BSBWOR301A - Organise personal work priorities and development
CPPSEC3001A - Maintain workplace safety in the security industry
CPPSEC3004A - Lead Small Teams in the Security Industry
CPPSEC3005A - Prepare & Present Security Documentation & Reports
CPPSEC3006A - Coordinate a Quality Security Service to Clients

HLTFA311A - Apply First Aid

HLTFA311A - Apply First Aid